Saturday, February 27, 2010

sometimes.. rarely.. hardly.. yet sometimes..

sumtimes.. u r jst happy.. it's a lil stupid coz dere's no reason to smile.. bt den isn't dat reason enuf?? n is it always necessary to hv a reason 4 evry lil thing?? c'mon u need dis.. n u deserve dis.. once in a while.. a silly lil smile.. without rhyme or reason.. a smile.. pure.. n divine..
makes things simple.. or may b complicated.. once u begin to ponder!! so, jst let it be.. who cares??
let d world.. d ppl.. d music.. d words.. d deeds.. d rationale b..
jst smile.. dis moment, dis happiness, dis joy, dis smile.. is only urs..
njoy ur command.. feel d warmth.. n dnt u dare think.. dnt u evn try to hold on to it..
transitory.. yes.. it is.. n dats y it's so beautiful..
dnt b scared.. let go.. jst b urself.. evn if it's for such few moments as dese..
wen.. U r simply U..

1 comment:

  1. Absolutely true,very seldom do we get a chance to be what we are,very often we have to to cater to the needs of others and in the process we forget to be what we want to be like.So at times we should stop caring about the people and this strange world that we inhabit in and smile a little and be ourselves.