Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I hate to see d change
bt whom m i to blame?
u? me? thousand others?
hey who cares? no one bothers!
life moves on.. fast-paced.. glides!
trips sumtimes ovr d lies..
d smile's more frequent.. more plastic..
days pass.. nights.. nthng drastic..
u've canged.. n so hv i..
bt sumtimes.. jst sumtimes.. rarely..
i still do cry..
m still tryng to figure out..
wen exactly we bid good bye..
it's all different now.. 4 good or bad??
nah! m nt dat happy.. n obv nt dat sad..
hey! thr's no tracing back.. no about turn..
dis new so-called life.. hs jst begun!
feel d flow.. if u do still feel at all..
m too numb.. aftr d glorious fall..
silence hurts.. words scare..
yeah.. i knw.. nthng's evr fair!
jst dat sum1 sumtime
cud hv jst once cried out "beware"
hmmm.. bunk it! like all things i do..
not dat thr ws more i cud.. true..
well m nt evn sure whethr i wud want to..
so?! quit d thots.. wid time lets jst glide..
lets njoy (atleast try to) life's uneven ride!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

all smiles.......

nthng complicated.... nthng much.. nthng new or xciting..
jst dat.. hd a nice day ystrday..
4 no reason..
still smiling!!!!! :)