Monday, January 3, 2011



a year of dreams..

some realized.. some shattered!

a year of promises..

some fulfilled.. some broken n battered!

a year of love..

both lost.. n new!

a year of words..

spoken.. unspoken.. false.. some true!

a year of hope..

sometimes dead.. sometimes unfailing!

a year of faith..

sometimes deep-rooted.. sometimes ailing!

of learning.. pain.. growth.. n lessons..

of yearning.. longing.. separations.. obsessions..

of light.. darkness.. secrets.. n confessions..

of miles.. distance.. of bridging gaps..

of myriad colors.. of grays.. n blacks..

of anxiety.. malady.. agony.. resilience..

of trials n tribulations.. achievement.. n experience..

of tranquility..solitude..lassitude..n flames..

of flesh.. blood.. bones.. n names..

of friendly strangers.. n strange friends..

a year that's gone.. yet one that never ends..

a year which over time n space transcends..

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